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Career Opportunities

Here at Studio Fontana we celebrate individuality, creativity, independence and freedom to express yourself in your own way, all while being a part of a community of like minded creatives. 




Make your own hours, you’ll have a key and code to come and go as you please. Essentially only paying for when you are here. You can enjoy your vacations or time away without having to pay monthly rental fees. The salon will be ready for you when you walk in, towels stocked, back bar stocked, colour treatments stocked, retail shelf stocked. You just have to walk in and enjoy your day with your guests.

Financial Growth;

We believe in making sure you are earning the maximum amount possible! As you grow your bank account will grow!
We also have great financial advisors that are a part of our community at the salon that can help you with your personal banking and investments, to ensure a great future for you. 


Enjoy our professional photography studio with a proper cove to not only shoot beauty but fashion as well. The area doubles as a creative studio to work on any of your own collections or of course feel free to join us on our creative days weekly! You’ll be able to network with photographers, models, makeup artists, wardrobe stylist and fashion designers at all levels, jump in whenever you like!


Express yourself in your own way, be who you want to be, no judgment, in fact we celebrate and encourage individual expression.


Our studio is a place where you can share ideas among the other artists and together, we become even stronger versions of ourselves.


If you are reading through this and it sounds interesting to you then let us know!

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