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We pride ourselves on making education a key factor in the studio. Education is powerful, arming yourself with as much skill and knowledge as possible is incredibly important to gain the confidence to face any challenge the industry or the client presents. Before you can truly express yourself we believe it’s best to develop every possible skill there is in our industry.

Here at the studio, the skills we focus on and think are an important asset to succeed in the industry are: 


Styling: Braids,iron work, wave sets, blow dry techniques, back combing, twists, knots, extensions, wigs, and the list goes on and on...


Colouring: Colour applications, from root touch ups, highlights of every kind, bleach and tones, vibrant fashion colours, and balayage. Truly understanding the chemistry of colour and really bringing out the natural skin tones in order to get your client glowing at their most optimal! 


Cutting: Using all the tools available, scissors, texture scissors, razors and clippers, learning to create shapes with hair and creating the optimal look for your client by understanding their face shape, and personal style, to truly enhance their entire look and expression.


There are definitely many more but you can truly let your imagination run with it…

Here at Studio Fontana, we encourage you to strive to become one of the best in our industry. There are so many beautiful avenues one can take and we can help you along the way.

The various avenues are endless, but to name a few: 


Salon stylist and colourist: developing a clientele is very rewarding, building friendships that are so incredibly special along the way. From the first few moments with a new client a bond develops, likely because human touch makes the connection almost instantly. Over the years you’ll become like family and this will warm your heart in ways that other careers just don’t provide.


Educator: Work on joining one of your favourite brands and become an educator or ambassador, travel the city, country or even the world educating people. This is a very special feeling when you are able to pass your skills and knowledge to so many people by helping them develop lives they dreamed of.


TV and Film: working on great sets meeting celebrities, potentially winning them over as clients. Being part of a team that gets all the actors ready, creating looks from different times and eras, maybe something in the future that hasn’t been created yet. Fun right?


Fashion shows: finding the session stylist you admire the most and joining their team, first as an assistant and then the head assistant, in no time you’ll be getting called by designers and brands yourself. Imagine, being backstage of a famous designer fashion show along with a bunch of makeup artists and hairdressers all rushing to get the models ready for the catwalk! An incredible buzz trust us!


Photoshoots: this direction is a little more chilled, definitely more time to create the ultimate image for the client. Again finding that session stylist you admire. All the while you are helping and assisting them, you find yourself learning so many skills and tricks to do incredible styles you’ve seen in every fashion magazine when you dreamt of becoming a hairstylist.


There is nothing that we can’t help you achieve, the opportunities are endless, really up to you on what you would like to achieve.


Some companies when looking to expand their team usually let you know what they’re looking for. At Studio Fontana we are more interested in what you are looking for. What would you like? What sort of environment would you like to be in? What kind of energy do you have and would bring into the space and our community of artists?

By joining our team, you would be joining a collective of talented individuals. 

If you are reading through this and it sounds interesting to you then let us know!

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